2 way Anova for pH experiment analysis in R

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2 way Anova for pH experiment analysis in R

Giulia Valvassori
Dear all,

I must perform a 2 way Anova test with the results of a laboratory
experiment of Ocean Acidification in which i had 2 species and three
different pH (control, acid low, acid extreme)
I start with a txt file with 3 columns:
- in the first one there are information relative to the pH treatmens with
three replicates for each treatment (control1, control2, control3,
acidlow1, acidlow2, acidlow3, acidextreme1, acidextreme2, acidextreme3);
- in the second column there are data obtained from one species. Three data
for each treatment (3 replicates for each treatment), for a total amount of
9 data;
- in the third column there are data for the other species, always three
data for each pH treatment for a total amount of 9 data.

Can someone explain me how can i perform this test??
Thank you so much,

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