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Daniele Battocchio
Hi all i have a question about GAM.

Basically, i have a model with total litter mass as response variable and
mother age, mother body mass, julian date, year, and sequence as independet
variables. Sequence is a factors with 9 levels, basically is a combination
of litter and sex (M, F, MM, FF, MF, FFF, FMM, FFM, FFF).

I don't have problem with model fit but i would like to know if there is a
method to compare the levels of factor Sequence.
In my model, F (female) is used as reference level and compared with other
levels. My question is: How can i compare FF vs MF or MF vs MM?

Should I change every time the reference level and run the model every
time, and looking at estimated coefficient?

thank you very much,


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