Lynch 1991 MCMCglmm?

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Lynch 1991 MCMCglmm?

mailbox Franz
Hello list,

I want to run the Lynch1991 method in MCMCglmm.
Due to the size of the dataset (2500 species), MCMCglmm was suggested to me.
(ape::compar.lynch does not provide likelihoods, after several tries with different EPS.)

I want to run trait partitioning into a phylogenetic and a specific effect for a single trait.
However, I am not sure how to specify that in MCMCglmm.

This model specification seems helpful, however, I am not sure if this is the correct way.
From the output I am no able to derive the estimates I want:
- grand mean
- deviation from the grand mean
these together are the phylogenetic effect
- residuals as the specific effect.  

MCMCglmm(phenotype~1, random=~taxon, pedigree=list(taxon=Ainv),, prior=prior, verbose=FALSE)

Hope someone can help or share experiences!

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