Question about a test for circular data

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Question about a test for circular data

Thiago A. Pires
Hello everyone,

I'm having trouble understanding which test is appropriate for the type of
data I have. I have an experiment where we record the distribution of a
species during the day to understand whether it is an aggregate
distribution or not. This distribution is expressed by an index, so what I
have is data from an index that can have values of 0.14 to 7.0, which are
recorded every 30 minutes for 24 hours. In this case, we have to test two
hypotheses, if there is aggregation and if the aggregation has some
temporal preference. I have read most of the tests for circular data, but
the tests require that it be a frequency of hours or angles of a event, and
I find nothing for samples (index) during hours of the day. What do you



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