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Dunbar, Michael J.
Hi Stephen

You should be able to find what you need either using str(lm1) or str(summary(lm1)). With the possible exception of the overall P value, which you can get from the F statistic and the degrees of freedom using the pf function. For the coefficients, its considered slightly better form to use coef(lm1)[x] rather than lm1$coefficients[x], simply because there is the coef extractor function provided.


Mike Dunbar

>>> "Stephen Thackeray" <[hidden email]> 02/05/2008 08:55:10 >>>
Dear all,

I suspect that this might be a bit basic, but here goes anyway...

I am soon to run a large number of linear regressions and I would like to extract a number of details from the models, and then collate them in a dataframe as a summary of the overall block of analyses. I can successfully extract the intercept and slope by using, for example:


However, I also would like to extract the following too:

1) the number of data points in the analysis, n
2) the standard error of the slope
3) the P value
4) the R-squared value

Is it possible to extract these parameters in the same way as the slope and intercept, to save a lot of typing?

Any help much appreciated!

Steve Thackeray

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