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Shinichi Nakagawa
Dear R-sig-ecologists,

We would like to announce that our completely updated and renewed R
package, rptR: "Repeatability (ICC or Intra-Class Correlation) Estimation
for Gaussian and Non-Gaussian Data" is now on CRAN. The package allows
calculations of ICC from linear and generalized linear mixed models (LMMs
and GLMMs). In this new version of the package, our functions are heavily
reliant on lme4.


The vignette details how to use our four key functions: rptBinary,
rptGaussian, rptPoisson and rptProportion.

rptR features include getting CIs/SE for all variance components (raw) as
well as ICC (processed) along with significance tests. The package can get
you 'unadjusted', 'adjusted' and 'enhanced unadjusted' ICC
(repeatabilities) and further, R2(marginal) for LMMs and GLMMs.

Please forward this to your colleagues and friends if relevant.

Enjoy and thanks!

Shinichi on the behalf of Martin and Holger
Dr Shinichi Nakagawa (Associate Professor / ARC Future Fellow)
Deputy Director of Research, Evolution & Ecology Research Centre, EERC
(Visiting Scientist at Garvan Institute of Medical Research)
Room 568, Biological Sciences Building (D26)
School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, BEES
The University of New South Wales
Randwick NSW 2052, Sydney, Australia
Mobile: 0422 655 854
Office : 0293 859 138
Website: http://www.i-deel.org/

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